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Cost Segregation is a great strategy for helping you grow your net worth faster by significantly reducing your current tax liability, using the upfront cash for additional investing. Ready to magnify and intensify your wealth?

Defining Cost Segregation

Defining Cost Segregation

Titan Echo

The Echo Solution was originally built for CPAs - allowing them the ability to offer a cost seg strategy to their clients, while maintaining control of the engagement and adding additional revenue to their business. Today, the Echo Solution has evolved to also support real estate investors directly – allowing them to run their own cost seg projects, if desired.

Want the benefit without the hassle? Titan Echo can complete the entire cost seg project for you. Get access to the Echo Learning Academy to explore all your options.

Regardless of your approach, Titan Echo leverages cloud-based technology and remote support, as needed so you can execute Cost Segregation projects your way.

The 3 Components of Cost Segregation – The Steps to Completing a Defensible Cost Seg Study

On-Site Verification

Field Work, also known as “On-Site Verification” (OSV), is the first step in performing Cost Segregation. If you read the IRS audit guidance on Cost Segregation, someone’s got to go to the field to verify all the assets actually exist. You can learn how to do this through the Echo Learning Academy, or have Titan to do the OSV for you.

Construction Cost Estimating

The second step is “Construction Cost Estimating” (CCE). This is where the Titan Echo engineering team leverages the OSV data and other supporting documents to quantity each component of the property and their associated costs as it relates to the total cost of the property.

Legal Analysis

The third piece is “Legal Analysis” (LA). After the Echo engineering team has completed the CCE, each component (or “Item”) needs to be evaluated under the current Cost Seg body of law. If you’re a CPA, we can teach you how to do this. Otherwise, Titan Echo will do the LA for you.


The cost to run a Titan Echo Cost Segregation Study is based on two factors:


The Size of the Project

This is generally the total cost of the property.


You choose which components you want to do, and have Titan do the rest.
You can define these 2 factors by signing up for Titan Echo, which includes the Matrix Benefit Estimator and Echo Learning Academy. Titan Echo then quotes a fixed fee, based on these factors, for your review and approval to complete the Cost Seg Study.

Our Simple Process

Get access to Echo, run project (i.e. “Matrix”) benefit estimates, learn how to execute, and engage on the projects that make sense to you.

1. Access

Subscribe to our software solution and create high-level benefit estimates. Month to month access, cancel anytime.

2. Estimate & Learn

If you’re happy with your benefit estimate(s), leverage the Echo Learning Academy, which meticulously guides your through the cost seg study process.

3. Execute

Titan handles the Construction Cost Estimating (CCE), you can choose to do the Field Work(OSV) and possibly the Legal Analysis (LA) or hire Titan to do the entire project.

Ready to Lower Your Tax Bill?

Explore the Echo software solution, learn what YOU can do, and let Titan Echo do the rest. Cancel anytime.