The cost to run a Titan Echo Cost Segregation Study is based on two factors:


The Size of the Project

This is generally the total cost of the property.


You choose which components you want to do, and have Titan do the rest.
You can define these 2 factors by signing up for Titan Echo, which includes the Matrix Benefit Estimator and Echo Learning Academy. Titan Echo then quotes a fixed fee, based on these factors, for your review and approval to complete the Cost Seg Study.

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Here’s what comes with your subscription

  • $25/month, month-to-month, cancel anytime.
  • Unlimited cost segregation benefit estimates with no obligation to execute.
  • Access to the Echo Learning Academy, where you can learn about the components of the cost segregation you’re comfortable with. Titan handles the rest.
  • Access to pricing tools, so you know exactly what Titan will charge for its scope components, as well as guidance on how you can price projects that you execute for others.

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