To clear up any confusion, we’re debunking the top misconceptions of cost segregation. Check out the myths versus facts below.
Of course not. In fact, CPAs can’t complete a defensible Cost Seg Study without the engineering (i.e. the CCE) component. That’s why we built Titan Echo – not only to support our CPAs, but also property investors directly.
While there are no guarantees when it comes to IRS audits, we have never seen an increase in audit probability for tax returns that included a Titan Echo Cost Seg Study. The good news – if you are audited, Titan Echo provides remote audit support at no additional cost. You’re in good hands all the way!
You certainly can, but it typically doesn’t make sense. If you think of a Cost Seg Study as an interest-free loan from the federal government, which you have to pay off when you sell the property, you don’t really get to hold onto the “loan” long enough to reinvest the money and cover the cost of the Study. However, you can run a Matrix Estimate on your property, to decide if it’s worth it for you.
Naturally, the bigger the property, the larger the cost seg benefit. However, Echo provides a cost-effective solution for even the smallest properties. You can always run the Matrix Estimate and evaluate your ROI before deciding to execute on a Cost Seg Study.
Any commercial real estate (i.e. apartments, office buildings, hotels, manufacturing facilities, retail establishments, etc.) as well as residential properites (i.e. single family houses or condos) that are used as rentals.
Since all properties are very unique, a sample report can be easily misleading, so this is not an option. However, when you run a Matrix Estimate, you get the details that are specific to your property, so you can make an informed decision before committing to move forward.
You will immediately receive login credentials to Titan Echo, and you can follow the first sections of the Learning Academy, which walk you through how to run a Matrix Benefit Estimate.
The Titan Echo Report meets all of the requirements of a “Quality Cost Seg Study”, as defined by the IRS, and includes all of the details you (or your CPA) need to incorporate it into your tax return. In addition, the Report includes a completed Form 3115 (Change in Accounting Method), if needed.

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