The Cost Segregation Solution

Cost Segregation is a great strategy designed to accelerate your net worth by significantly reducing your current tax liability and freeing up cash for investments.

Originally developed for CPAs to enhance their services and add substantial revenue to their business, our Echo Solution now also directly supports real estate investors in managing their own cost segregation projects.

Prefer a hassle-free experience? Titan Echo can handle the entire project for you. With the Echo Learning Academy, you can explore your options and choose the best approach for your needs.

Whether you prefer a hands-on or hands-off approach, Titan Echo utilizes cloud-based technology and remote support to ensure you can execute cost segregation projects your way.

On-Site Verification

Field Work, or “On-Site Verification” (OSV), is the first step in performing Cost Segregation. If you read the IRS audit guidance on Cost Segregation, the IRS requires verification of all assets to ensure they actually exist. You can learn this through the Echo Learning Academy, or let Titan handle the OSV for you.

Construction Cost Estimating

Next is “Construction Cost Estimating” (CCE). Titan Echo’s engineering team will use OSV data and other documents to quantify each property component and its associated costs as it relates to the total cost of the property.

Legal Analysis

Finally, after the Echo engineering team has completed the CCE, “Legal Analysis” (LA) evaluates each component under current Cost Seg laws. If you’re a CPA, we can teach you how to do this. Otherwise, Titan Echo will manage the LA for you.

Our Simple Process

With Echo, you can streamline your projects by running “Matrix” benefit estimates and learning how to execute and engage cost segregation studies. Follow these steps to maximize your benefits:

1. Access

Subscribe to our software solution for month-to-month access to create high-level benefit estimates. Cancel anytime. Get access here.

2. Estimate & Learn

If you’re happy with your benefit estimate(s), use the Echo Learning Academy to guide you through the cost segregation study process.

3. Execute

Titan handles Construction Cost Estimating (CCE). You can choose to do the Field Work (OSV) and Legal Analysis (LA) yourself, or hire Titan to complete the entire project.

Cost Segregation Pricing

The cost to run a cost segregation study will depend on these factors:


The size of the project


The total cost of the property


The three components of scope (OSV, CCE, and LA)

Once you determine your components, Titan Echo will provide a fixed fee quote based on your selections. After you review and approve the quote, you can then complete your Cost Seg Study.

Ready to Lower Your Tax Bill?

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