About Titan

Based in Denver, Colorado, Titan Engineering has created Titan Echo and Titan Armor, innovative software solutions in cost segregation study and R & D tax credit strategies. Our products combine sophisticated software with unparalleled engineering and tax expertise to assist CPAs, real estate investors, and industry innovators in navigating complex tax strategies.
Titan Echo stands as the only software in the industry that allows users to perform IRS- compliant cost segregation studies while drawing upon our technical expertise for the more intricate components of their projects. This unique capability ensures that CPAs and investors can execute cost seg projects in their way, achieving the most cost-effective and IRS-compliant results possible.
Titan Armor is a specialized client-facing software and engineering-support solution catering to manufacturers, engineering design firms, and software developers. It is the sole product in the market that enables taxpayers to comply with rigorous documentation standards necessary for claiming the R&D Tax Credit. Titan Armor not only facilitates the documentation process but also draws on our extensive IRS audit experience to help clients confidently secure these valuable tax incentives.

Meet the Team

Brian LeFever
Brian, the founder of Titan Echo, has over twenty-five years of experience in engineering, construction, valuation, and cost segregation. He holds a BS in Civil Engineering from Lehigh University. His deep understanding of structural design and building systems has been a cornerstone in representing taxpayers before the IRS on cost segregation and research credit issues since 2008, maintaining a flawless record. As the primary designer of Titan Echo and Titan Armor, Brian has focused on enhancing UI/UX to simplify the complex cost segregation process for users, setting new benchmarks in cost segregation studies.

Outside of work, Brian’s life is enriched by his family, with whom he shares a love of outdoor activities like hiking and mountain biking. A former scuba Dive Master, his adventurous spirit and commitment to excellence resonate throughout our company culture, inspiring innovation and trust.

Van Gale
With over 40 years of software engineering experience, Van enhances Titan Echo’s capabilities, ensuring robust, reliable solutions using his extensive industry knowledge.
Kimberly Jones
Chief Financial Officer
Licensed real estate broker with a 30-year career in accounting and HR, Kimberly manages a real estate investment company and oversees operations at Titan Engineering. She frequently travels for onsite client work with Titan Echo, enhancing the mobile app based on her practical insights.
Justin Hoyle
With six years in cost segregation and a civil engineering background, Justin excels at analyzing building structures and ensuring our studies are comprehensive.
Michael Angeletti
Michael combines his 16 years of software engineering and knowledge from accounting discussions to enhance our cost segregation tools and data systems.
Grant Harrison
Grant uses his mechanical engineering skills to improve the precision and effectiveness of our cost segregation studies.
Tyson Lefever
Tyson applies his computer science knowledge to create innovative software for detailed cost studies.

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