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Based in Denver, Colorado – Titan Engineering is the team that built the Titan Echo Cost Segregation Software – as well as the Titan Armor R&D Tax Credit Software. Titan Engineering’s products merge proprietary software solutions with unmatched engineering and tax expertise to empower CPAs, Real Estate Investors and Industry Innovators to navigate complicated tax strategies that require engineering.
Titan Echo is the only software solution in the industry that allows its users to execute cost seg studies while simultaneously leaning on Titan Engineering’s technical expertise for the more complicated components of the project. For the first time, CPAs and Investors can run cost seg projects their way, creating the most cost effective and IRS-defensible solution to this complicated, but lucrative, tax strategy.
Titan Armor is a client-facing software and engineering-support solution for Manufacturers, Engineering Design Firms, and Software Developers to capture and defend the R&D Tax Credit. The Research Credit offsets a taxpayer’s cost of innovating here in the US, but does have strict documentation requirements. Titan Armor is the only solution in the industry that empowers taxpayers to meet these requirements, while relying on Titan Engineering’s technical expertise and IRS Audit experience to realize these very valuable tax incentives with confidence.

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