Reduce your tax burden with Cost Segregation

Our cost segregation solution will help you increase your cash flow by reducing your taxable income.


success Rate in IRS Audit


average accelerated depreciation deductions per $1MM in basis

40 + YRS

combined industry experience

Our Simple Process

Get access to Echo, run project (i.e. “Matrix”) benefit estimates, learn how to execute, and engage on the projects that make sense to you.


Subscribe to our software solution and create high-level benefit estimates. Month to month access, cancel anytime.

Estimate & Learn

If you’re happy with your benefit estimate(s), leverage the Echo Learning Academy, which meticulously guides your through the cost seg study process.


Titan handles the Construction Cost Estimating (CCE), you can choose to do the Field Work (OSV) and possibly the Legal Analysis (LA), or hire Titan to do the entire project.

Why Use Titan Echo?

We have helped thousands of property owners and their CPAs defer tax liability, allowing investors to keep more cash in their pockets for reinvesting. Let us help you too.

What is Cost Segregation?

Cost segregation is an advanced tax planning strategy utilized by real estate investors to accelerate the depreciation of certain components of their properties. The benefits mean reduced tax liability, leaving more cash in the investor’s pocket.

How does Titan Echo work?

We leverage our proprietary software solution with unmatched engineering and tax expertise, to empower CPAs, Consultants and Real Estate Investors to execute their cost seg studies their way – customizing the execution plan to meet their needs.

Ready to Free Up Cashflow?

Savvy investors would rather reinvest their cashflow than over pay their taxes. Think of Cost Seg as “Interest-Free loan from the government”. Where else can you borrow money at 0% interest?

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